Change is inevitable. Any events in nature are expected to become obsolete at one point. As technology continuously develops, people’s way of living also changes.

Electronic gadgets once deemed unimportant have become a necessity. Home appliances, with the help of electricity, continue to improve to suit different lifestyles and to cope up with the environment. The Internet has become one of the most important technology people need. Everything relies on the Internet nowadays. Communication is faster and businesses have found it to be very useful to market their products and services.

The advent of social networking sites connected people conveniently. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are not the only ones that can users look for everything they need online.

Facebook’s popularity has been considered as a global phenomenon. It’s no longer a space for hip and cool young adults but even businessmen, a plain housewife, a ten-year old kid or maybe even your grandpa is on Facebook as well.

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Why Twitter Works

With the fast changing technology, people’s attention span have decreased and consumers are now looking for simpler ways and means to connect themselves to anything that’s online.

Created by American web developer and businessman Jack Dorsey, Twitter was created in March 2006 and was formally launched in July of that same year. It was initially used as a short message service (SMS) based on the web. Twitter uses only 140 character messages called ‘tweets’.

Its boom later helped many businesses and people around the world get information on real time connecting links of their websites from twitter. It has become a tool for marketing and PR since then.

Twitter and MarketingGood-News-Boy-iStock_000017120534Small

Twitter made the word ‘trending’ become popular. It is used to indicate that an event or a person is the hot topic or the trending topic online and around the world.

It is easier for many to create a campaign in 140 characters. Keywords with a hash tag symbol are used to denote that a particular topic is trending.

Aside from Facebook and Tumblr, Twitter is also used as a space to promote events and business, which will make it easier for them to reach billions of people in real time. (Here’s a site that has used social media to it’s fullest potential.)

It also served as a chat room because people can communicate instantly and exchange messages. Although, not as convenient as any instant messenger, it still serves as one of the most powerful social networking sites to connect an important message to another person (source:

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Twitter and Public Relations

Public Relations can become more powerful with the help of Twitter. As more and more people spend most of their time online after coming home from their jobs (according to, with almost a billion people with Twitter accounts, conventional Public Relations using the traditional trimedia–television, radio and newspaper, may still seem lacking without putting up a campaign online.

reauxThis is not to say that the traditional platforms are weak. It can still reach many people around the world. A lot of people are still tuned in on television. But the presence of the Internet and wi-fi zones connects people easily online and can reach the news real time easier.

Many advertisers and businesses rely on social networking sites for faster reach. Especially since most of them want to reach a younger audience, these demographics are what makes Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the like continue to be popular.

In the next few years, inventors will continue to develop powerful social networking sites that will catch the interest of people and will continue to change the landscape of marketing and PR. It is because of this that they will need to adjust and cope with these changes to keep it dynamic and alive among consumers.

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twitter1With a limited number of characters, it still is a great wonder how twitter is changing marketing. Whether you’re at your job or at your one of your Paris apartments, the Twitterverse is in full stride. The world has seen twitter grow as a form of social medium that allows its users to share short messages or tweets about themselves, whether you’re telling stories or selling compendiums. This form of microblogging, which started as a private outbound message machine, has taken a different course, quickly shifting into the business world as an inevitable marketing machine. As soon as business people started using Twitter, the facade of customer service solutions and marketing changed radically.

By this time, it is easy to conclude that different social media are effective as a marketing playground for people who want to support the market of their businesses. But how does Twitter do it exactly and what sets it apart from other forms of social media?

The following pointers will help you understand how twitter is changing marketing.

It Grabs Attention Effectively

Twitter effectively announces a message faster to a bigger market. Through the use of #hashtags, a business can give out the message in a collective pool of people that has used the identical hashtag and those who are browsing for the same kind of hashtag. In the world of Twittering, a hashtag is synonymous to a tag or a word or group of words that are optimized.  So in businesses, any kind of word or a phrase that is related to a product can be used using a hashtag. To use hashtags effectively, you need to be observant and keen on the topics that are trending. Once you know them, you can use these hastags linking them to your business. This is an effective way to promote your business, opening a door to new customers.

_back-001-enIt Gives You Instant Feedback

Because of its fast paced nature, twitter can help you observe the market, allowing you to see what your consumers feel and are saying about your business. In Twitter, people voice their thoughts quickly and faster than any other forms of media. Sometimes you’ll have to face Captchas to verify that you’re human, but there’s always GSA CB to combat that.

Tweets talk about almost anything like restaurants, foods, and clothing. By using your username, words, or phrases related to your business, you will be able to see what people are thinking.  If you find someone who is not satisfied with your product or services, twitter allows you to respond immediately.

It Gets You Ahead of the Game

Although Twitter is just one of the many forms of social media, you should not completely underestimate its importance and probable impact. Your business competitors are more likely to be using Twitter as you do. The easiest way to observe them is through Twitter itself. Observe how they do customer service with their customers and how they connect with them. Knowing what is happening will keep you on top and guarded. It will give you a sense of security.

Keeping these three things in mind, you will surely have to consider creating a Twitter account for your company.

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